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    Rejestracja / registration

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    9:00 - 9:15

    Rozpoczęcie / beginning

  • coffee
    10:20 - 11:00

    Przerwa kawowa / coffee break

  • prelegent
    11:00 - 11:30

    The future of mobile communication - SMS or RCS?

    Edyta Godziek (SerwerSMS)

    The world is changing and thus the way mass communication also. What is the future of communication with the use of mobile devices? We will try to find an answer on this topic!

  • prelegent
    11:35 - 12:05

    Pay as you want – mobile payments in BZ WBK

    Artur Józefowski (Bank Zachodni WBK)

    Mobile apps have completely taken over our smartphones. Comfortable, like a pair of jeans, and easy to use, like riding a bike. The future is in innovation-but what will make mobile banking app unique in our phones?

  • dinner
    12:40 - 13:40

    Obiad / dinner

  • prelegent
    13:40 - 14:10

    We all leave trail of breadcrumbs - mobile data for marketers

    Jacek Dymkowski (Selectivv Mobile House)

    Smartphone is the most personal device of every man. The secrets entrusted to mobile devices describe us more closely than any others data in internet. How could marketers can use mobile data in marketing?

  • prelegent
    14:15 - 14:45

    How to use mobile to increase sales?

    Monika Kołodziejczyk (Grupa / Semahead)

    The quality and importance of data coming from mobile is growing fast and will soon become one of the foundations of omnichannel marketing strategies. How to increase user engagement and sales through mobile?

  • prelegent
    14:50 - 15:20

    The Future of Search is Mobile

    Valentyn Pylypchuk (Google)

    What is changing in mobile search in 2018, and what do mobile marketers, website owners, and developers need to know? Join Google's Valentyn Pylypchuk as he discusses what’s coming in 2018, everything you need to know about Mobile First Indexing, what's new with AMP, and other best practices marketers and website owners need to be aware for to stay ahead. "Finally, Valentyn will demonstrate the latest updates to the New Search Console and walk you through the new interface and features.

  • coffee
    15:20 - 15:45

    Przerwa kawowa / coffee break

  • prelegent
    15:45 - 16:15

    Interesting examples from mobile SEM

    Krzysztof Marzec (DevaGroup)

    I've collected data and cases of AdWords and SEO campaigns in which mobile was an important element of the strategy. From ideas and tools to data and results that show how to use mobile to build sales and reach.

  • prelegent
    16:20 - 16:50

    How to optimize user experience to improve business results? Strategic and operational approach.

    Mariusz Gąsiewski (Google)

    User experience optimisation by using new approaches like: AMP, PWA. How to prioritize activities, think about it strategically. Presentation based on examples and case studies.

  • closing
    16:50 - 16:55

    Zakończenie / ending

  • gala
    19:00 - 21:00

    Gala Mobile Trends Awards 2017 (Miejsce: Muzeum Manggha, Dress code: strój koktajlowy) / (Place: Manggha Museum, Dress code: Cocktail dress)

  • party
    21:00 - 0:30

    Norbsoft Networking Party (miejsce: Muzeum Manggha) / (Place: Manggha Museum)

  • start
    9:30 - 9:40

    Rozpoczęcie / beginning

  • prelegent
    9:40 - 10:10

    How blockchain affects mobile?

    Bartosz Bilicki (Trifinity)

    Blockchain technology potential (BitCoin's core technology) is increasingly used also in other markets than financial. How to catch the wave and use blockchain in mobile world?

  • prelegent
    10:15 - 10:45

    The truth of the brand, the truth of the product and the truth of the screen.

    Roman Łoziński (Think ECO)

    What can the mobile industry learn from advertising? About half-truths, compromises and unsurpassed simplicity, or a few hints for marketers and designers, where to look for original ideas for the use of mobile.

  • coffee
    10:45 - 11:25

    Przerwa kawowa / coffee break

  • prelegent
    11:25 - 11:55

    Brand identity on a 3×6" screen

    Emilka Bojańczyk (Superskrypt), Piotr Burdyło (Superskrypt)

    How do you build an expressive and memorable brand identity, when dealing with the possibilities and use-cases of a mobile phone? And how do you strike a balance between the impressive and the frustrating in mobile UX?

  • prelegent
    12:00 - 12:30

    Sexy CTA - how to use image recognition technology to build amazing mobile customer experience

    Paweł Elbanowski (Recognize.IM)

    Advanced algorithms accurately recognize the objects that surround us: books, movies, advertisements, billboards, labels. How to use this potential to create catchy CTAs and engage your clients through mobile?

  • prelegent
    12:35 - 13:05

    ASO (App Store Optimization) let users find you among 6M apps.

    Paweł Lewiński (Miquido)

    You have just released a great application. There is only a small problem - no one downloads it. It is ranked on 478 position in the search results. The chances of finding it by users are so small. It looks like you need an ASO.

  • dinner
    13:05 - 14:05

    Obiad / dinner

  • prelegent
    14:50 - 15:00

    How get half of milion app downloads without a marketing budget

    Adam Drzewicki (Quiz House)

    Case study is about how an app without a marketing budget got half of milion downloads and more than 50 thousand questions from its players.

  • prelegent
    15:00 - 15:10

    CASE STUDY - How to effectively combine e-mail and SMS communication?

    Marek Kaczmarek (REDLINK)

    I will present how the largest Polish brands combine, optimize and automate their communication in the areas of E-MAIL and SMS marketing. The combination of both channels guarantees a positive synergy effect!

  • prelegent
    15:10 - 15:20

    CASE STUDY: The offline in mobile communication. Case study

    Edward Mężyk (Cluify (Grupa Datarino))

    Why the cookies times are becoming a thing of the past and we should focus on reaching audiences based on their real-world behaviors rather than online. Case study of retail stores.

  • prelegent
    15:20 - 15:30

    CASE STUDY: Machine Learning in the bicycle city gaming platform Activy

    Łukasz Kosman (LeanCode sp. z o.o.)

    Activy is the mobile bike game. After launching the first pilot program we've discovered how important it is to automated the tracking features. We achieved that through implementation of the deep learning mechanisms.

  • coffee
    15:30 - 15:50

    Przerwa kawowa / coffee break

  • prelegent
    16:25 - 16:55

    You app as a part of the operation system

    Jakub Kornatowski (Qcoder / PwC)

    Unifority of the app and operation system gives you almost 80% chance for success. During the session I will explain why the best app are design stick to the Apple and Google standards.

  • coffee
    16:55 - 17:25

    QUIZ wiedzy o mobile z nagrodami! Zainstaluj aplikację Kahoot! / QUIZ about mobile with prizes! Install the Kahoot!

  • closing
    17:25 - 17:30

    Zakończenie / ending

    Details soon...


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